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Pam Crowther

pam-crowther-aotearoa-artistPAMELA'S SOUTHERN SYMPHONY

Artists continually strive to bring a piece to life, to fill a canvas with something that personifies a thought or represents a feeling. For artist Pamela Crowther, this is the earliest part of the process. Just as a songwriter starts with no sound and starts with one part of an arrangement – as an artist, Pamela has to start somewhere too. 

by Matt Mortimer

“I begin with the largest shapes filling in dark and light areas, usually in one colour, mainly using a brush for this. I’ll then place another three or four colours to start with, using retarding medium on palette – then it’s mix and begin. My technique varies considerably. I basically follow my instinct.” This instinctive approach works well, as she then branches out into the work, on the way to a sometimes-lengthy process to create each work. “Colour, colour, colour – the desire to change the blank white space into some exciting, thought-provoking or sometimes just decorative. Starting the painting takes courage and the need to prepare yourself for mental stimulation and then, near the end of the painting, dealing with exhaustion.”

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