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Toby Willsmer
Toby Willsmer

We often read about acrylics, brushes, and easels, conjuring up images of paint splattered fingers, charcoal pencils strewn about a studio or a well-worn easel. We also read about products admired, like a certain acrylic that works great for adding depth. Enter graphic illustrator, Toby Willsmer, whose favorite equipment isn’t at all messy…

“I use a Wacom Intuos Pro graphics tablet. The pen set up of the Wacom is good for doing light/heavy strokes, varying in size and colour density as you push harder, just like a brush. Wacom has a lot of support in different digital environments so it is easy to set up and get drawing.” Toby’s background is not what you would expect. Forget the ‘IT department’ stereotype, or the graphic design student – it is a drawing tablet after all – and you’ll find traditional art and a few pieces created by spray cans here and there as well as digital. “I’ve been able to draw from a young age. I did an art course in the UK in 1989 but I’m pretty much self-taught from studying other artists and a lot of trial and error. I was always drawing and painting as a hobby and it was something I really enjoyed. “Spray paint was the first medium I got the hang of using, dabbling in graffiti in the 80s and using it on canvases later on. It’s expressive and unforgiving and I like that, as it gives an edge to whatever you paint with it. “Over time it all grew into something that people started to recognise and request.” The motivation behind his creative process is one of drive and determination. Family prove to be a big driver and an inspiration. This helps Toby to kick-start his artwork from its inception, through to the final product.

See more about Toby here: Toby Willsmer.

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