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What do Gallery Owners expect from Artists?

Approaching a gallery to accept your work, or to consider you for an exhibition is a daunting task and many gallery owners are put-off by artists, although it often has nothing to do with the work they present – it is the way they present themselves. It is easy to forget that people who run galleries are running a business, so when you, an artist, approach them you should treat the meeting like you would any other business meeting – think of how you handle a meeting with your bank manager you will be half way there.

Before approaching a gallery, visit it a few times as a customer. Look at the type of work they show; is it presented as solo exhibitions, or does the gallery have themed exhibitions with work from several artists, or is it a commercial gallery with mixed stock.
Be honest with yourself and ask: “Will my work fit with what the gallery does?” You might paint very well, and sell your work from time to time, but that does not mean that it will be appropriate for all galleries.

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