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Magda van der Walt

magda-van-der-walt-aotearoa-artistIRONING IT OUT

Mixed media artwork embraces so many mediums, differing creative processes and ways of getting to that all-important final result. We hear about the use of all sorts of medium and materials, however for Magda van der Walt, the word ‘wax’ changes everything.

“The moment I melted the first small block of wax on the hot travelling iron, I was hooked. It is a medium like nothing else I have ever experienced. It can fluctuate between solid and liquid within a few seconds and it dries solid in a single breath, she says. “It retains texture and reflects light in a way no other medium can. Working with it is almost meditative; definitely therapeutic.”

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Catherine Dunn

mug-shot-catherine-dunn-aotearoa-artistI don’t remember a time when I didn’t make art. It has been with me from the beginning. One of my earliest memories of being given an opportunity to paint was on my first day at kindergarten. It was a momentous discovery at the time for me and I didn’t want to do anything else.

Art was always a favourite subject at school, which led me to study art fulltime in Australia. I attended Claremont School of Art in Perth, Western Australia in the early 90s and graduated after three years, majoring in Sculpture. It was a lifetime ago and a valuable experience, fraught with all the learning curves of youth of course, but definitely provided a solid base to build on, and great memories. After Art school in my 20s I meandered through the creative process a bit, mostly in a sleep deprived fog, due to the addition of a husband and children. I always tried to keep my hand in while running a busy household and raising a family and continued to exhibit in Australia and in New Zealand, but it is only now that two out of three of my children are out into the world and doing their own thing, and my husband has miraculously morphed into a fulltime Picture Framer, that I have the opportunity to really work as a fulltime artist.

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