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Pauline Gough - Aotearoa Artist
Pauline Gough

Pauline Gough aotearoa artist


When asked what motivates her, Pauline Gough says simply: “It is the love of it. It’s important for me to love the whole process – if it feels like work, I shouldn’t be doing it.”

Recalling her early years when the call of the artist flowed strongly in her heart, Pauline says she has always loved anything to do with art: “I wanted to do art at school, however my school in Wellsford, didn’t offer this as an option in those days. My mother looked into some individual lessons and the principal of Rodney College said he would try to arrange an art teacher; however this never amounted to anything. “Art as a career was what I desired, teaching is where I ended up,” she says wryly.

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