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Christine Redfern - Aotearoa Artist
Christine Redfern

Christine Redfern - aotearoa artist


Christine Pickstone-Redfern spent her childhood years watching and assisting her father, the renowned Queensland artist, George Pickstone, sketch, paint and carve. Her passion and inherent talent ensured her participation in scholastic art activities, where she spent much time sketching and entering art competitions. Winning an Australasian scholarship to the Melbourne Art Training Institute boosted her confidence. She re-trained to become a nurse. 

Christine has a very interesting perspective in life. All of her creations are unique - ‘one of a kind’. She will not reproduce any work (not even try to) twice, and the worst thing you could say to Christine is: “It can’t be done, it’s not possible.” She wants to know why, and you while you are explaining, she’ll do it anyway and when you finish explaining, she will be standing proudly next to her latest creation, defying the rules.

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