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Jo Pedersen - Aotearoa Artist
Jo Pedersen

Jo Pedersen - Aotearoa Artist

From an early knowledge that she was creative, but being pushed to be academic, Jo Pedersen has developed the courage to believe in herself and has come full circle as an artist.

Recovering from an illness at home, Jo trusted her instincts and decided to pick up a paintbrush and have a go. She’s never looked back. “When you absolutely know that it’s your calling and passion in life, once you get over the doubts in your mind and stop listening to the ‘nay-sayers’ out there, you find a way to make it work. It is a tough call to be an artist and takes a lot of determination and courage. I know for me, there is no other choice but to follow my ‘calling’, it isn’t a question - that is enough motivation for me”.

Jo is inspired by nature, nature in the world around and the inherent nature of human beings. She is connected in a spiritual and energetic way to life and this is her way of expressing herself. Being musically inclined, music is also very much an inspiration, but essentially, it is part of the beauty of life that she perceives. “I love the immersion in painting, it is a form of meditation where you switch off from the world and for me, that is healing. I also love the transformation from initial mark making to the finished piece, it is a journey. It is an amazing feeling when someone buys your work and they connect with it emotionally.“
See more of Jo's work here: Jo Pedersen


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