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Kerry George Aotearoa Artist
Kerry George

Kerry George Aotearoa Artist


Kerry George is a 33-year-old kiwi from Wellington who is a full time cook at a childcare centre. She has a seven year old son and likes drawing and painting in her spare time.

“How long have I been an artist? Well I guess It goes way back to when I was at primary school. I wasn’t very good at learning, found it all too hard so rather than asking for help I noticed if I keep my head down and keep quiet, teachers seemed to leave me alone rather than making me do the school work. So, while my head was down, I just drew pictures. I was really into horses so always drew them, then started drawing people but used to get annoyed they never turned out realistic, so rather than thinking negatively about my work, I looked at it in a different way and thought I’m good at drawing cartoon people! 

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