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Charne Christensen


charne-brent-christensen-aotearoa-artistBRIEF MOMENTS

Charne Brent Christensen’s immaculate photo-realistic painting style does justice to the dramatic but serene landscape of the South Island. Blending the mists of the unknown with the hyper-realism of strong light on crisply defined mountain and lake scenery, he has developed a unique style which he shares with us here.

My art is inspired by the New Zealand landscape. I regularly take my eight-year-old dog Chow Chow on road trips around the South Island. I love to explore the countryside and every trip inspires a new creation. It’s as if the lakes and mountains beg me to capture them for one brief moment in time; so that they can be displayed in a loving home to remind us of their eternal beauty. I work full time, so I paint whenever I get the time - mostly on weekends. I have been driven to learn and develop my skills so that one day I can become known as an accomplished artist. 

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