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Jacqueline Hocquard - Aotearoa Artist
Jacqueline Hocquard

Jacqueline Hocquard - aotearoa artist

From a very early age I have always been creating in some way, you could say it’s just part of my soul, part of who I am. It has always been a dream of mine to become an artist. Not all people get to live their dream as I am now. I have never had any formal training in drawing or painting. What I do now has come through trial and error and a lot of hours; some days I find myself still painting in the wee small hours having not noticed the time.
The journey I am on now started in 2015 when I was encouraged to put some of my paintings into The Big Wai Art Sale which is held annually in the Carterton Events Centre. I sold some of my paintings which lit a fire in me. If I was ever going to give my dream a chance, now was the time!
I moved to Carterton in 2013. The people of the Wairarapa are amazing with their generosity and encouragement, and the wildlife of the region has provided a wealth of inspiration and the ideal subjects for me to paint. A love of the natural world inspires my art. I am always listening and looking at what is around me. Just the other day I heard someone say ‘social butterflies’; it sparked an idea which I have since turned into a painting. I was never able to paint as much as I have before coming to the Wairarapa because of work and family commitments. Equally, a lack of confidence has been a major hurdle for me. In my head, I was just doing what I loved, I did not think it would mean anything to anyone else. I am grateful others love what I do.
Jacqueline Hocquard

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