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Ingrid Mann
Ingrid Mann

It is often said it’s not about the destination, but the journey itself. For many, this describes art; whether it is a finding of oneself, growing as an individual or simply starting a piece, shaping and moulding it as you go until that final moment of being happy with the end result. Ingrid Mann shares this philosophy of the journey.

“I define my art as a fabulous journey. My art practice is not just the practical side, making art, but it also encompasses all my visual interpretation of landscape and my cultural experiences. These elements are abundant in New Zealand and returning here after 40 years has greatly stimulated me. My art is intuitive, and as such I am driven to use my imagination and feel a free creative mind. I love to be loose with paint, however I also require myself to have some discipline – especially with black and white or small paintings.” Regardless of the approach, the fabulous result of each and every stage culminates in some special pieces of art. Colour abounds and Ingrid seems to demand a presence with the splashes of each hue across the canvas. “Art takes you to another plane. I am constantly inspired by colours, visualising and working on the process. My work is deliberately non-representational and abstract, because I want to engage the viewer’s imagination so that every time they look at my work, they see something different. Art is very subjective. Having said that, my proudest moments are when I have completed my painting and I have time to sit and look at it. I never fail to be proud of my own work and I do not need or seek other opinions.”

See Ingrid's work here: Ingrid Mann.

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