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Lisa Wallace - Aotearoa Artist
Lisa Wallace

Lisa Wallace - Aotearoa Artist

Never having had any formal art training, Lisa Wallace has always loved to paint and draw. As a child she would write and illustrate short stories for other children to read and ran an ‘in class’ library. Previously she painted for pleasure and gifted artworks to friends and family, but two years ago she decided to follow her dream, sharing her art and painting with a wider client group. “I have a mind full of artworks that as yet I haven’t been able to create, the possibilities are endless.”

Lisa’s husband mentioned the fact, when selling their house, that people enquired about her artwork. Some of her work was sold some years ago and he suggested maybe she should see “if there was something in that”? “So painting for others began as a trial. I have been very blessed and people have received my art well, so I have been able to pursue it”, says Lisa.
Her inspiration comes from around her. She loves nature and is a people person. “I find myself drawn to faces and love that they say so much. I love to capture the soul of a person through their eyes. I also believe that art communicates in a way that is unique and triggers memories and can inspire for the future. I aim to encourage and connect with the deeper part of a person, speaking life and instilling peace.”
Always having loved Monet’s soft painterly Water Lilie’s, as well as the portraits and scenery painted by Van Gogh, with its broken deconstructed stokes, she adores the Dutch painters of old including the ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by Johannes Vermeer. The classic poses and beauty and innocence captured through their brush-strokes really inspire her.
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