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Mountain Scene-caley-hall-aotearoa-artist
Caley Hall

Caley Hall - aotearoa artist


With many trials overcome, and no formal training Caley Hall is finding that being a professional artist really suits him. “Working as an artist has changed me. I’m a caring, giving type of guy - take with one hand give with the other. I’m happy with my current situation, it’s always new and exciting each day.” Caley tells us his story.

I become an artist by starting a gallery and having an interest in other artists styles and way of life. I have painted with a few known NZ artists and honed my skills that way. My biggest motivating factor is the stress relief that painting as a professional full time artist gives me. This new life, of course, comes with a list of new stresses but they are mild in comparison to the life I lead before becoming an artist.

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