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Louise Williams - Aotearoa Artist
Louise Williams

Louise Williams - aotearoa artist

After having her talent dismissed by a high school art teacher and being told to ‘stick to design’, Louise Williams let go of her passion for creation and almost gave up on her dream of being an artist. Almost two decades later, now a mother and an accomplished graphic designer, she has once more put pen to paper and allowed her creative talents to flourish. Her biggest accomplishment? Finding the courage to try again.

Born in Doncaster, England, Louise emigrated with her family as a toddler and settled in New Zealand. Although she always had a creative flare, it was during her years in high school that the first blow to her artistic confidence occurred, and she was told to stick to design as the teacher didn’t like her style. These words were especially discouraging, and although she had since taken up crafting and scrapbooking as a hobby, Louise was unable to follow her dreams and didn’t so much as pick up a pencil for over two decades.
The second blow came swiftly indeed. By the age of 24, Louise was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease – a type of inflammatory bowel disease that affects the gastrointestinal tract and can cause persistent abdominal pain. Although the Crohn’s Disease is still present in her life, Louise has managed to wrestle control over this and bring her focus back onto her art. Her saving grace has not only been her undeniable strength to overcome these challenges but also the love of her partner and two young children.
Gradually Louise felt the compulsion to draw, create and grow stronger. Starting again with small canvases, her confidence grew when she tentatively placed these pictures for sale on ‘Etsy’ and was able to profit immediately. Her confidence in her style and work continued to grow, leading her to be the accomplished artist she is today. Very humble, Louise still describes herself as a ‘work in progess’.
Louise Williams

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