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Serge Souslov

Serge Souslov - aotearoa artist


Serge Souslov, born and raised in Irkusk, Russia, has had a passion for art since childhood. He trained at art college between the years of ‘76 - ‘85 and has brought his incredible talent to New Zealand, where we celebrate his contribution to our rich and vibrant art world.

Serge attended the Art College and The Institute of Culture in Russia where he learnt how to play the accordion, compose music and create art pieces. Thoroughly enjoying pushing the boundaries, Serge’s ideas and inspiration come from observing marine life and whimsical sea creatures, as well as from dreams and fantasies dating as far back as his childhood. He is currently a part-time artist but finds his ideas keep pushing him to create.


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Annie Lambourne

Annie Lambourne - Aotearoa Artist


Annie Lambourne says she does not always love being an artist but has an inherent and absolute need to create often to the exclusion of all else. “Everything around me takes a back seat,” she says, “housework, gardening and even cooking food.” Fortunately, Annie’s family are incredibly supportive and are quite used to having to work around the creative process, and often having to dodge around the latest creation that obstructs the TV or sit next to a six foot metal man sitting next to them in the car on the journey home from school.

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Greg Maddox - Aotearoa Artist

Greg Maddox

Greg Maddox - aotearoa artist


tapatai-logo--greg-maddox-aotearoa-artistTrained as a signwriter, Greg Maddox’s five year apprenticeship taught him a range of disciplines in engineering, carpentry and the art of hand rendering signs using brush and airbrush, something he loves with a passion.

And if you think signwriting is mundane, Greg’s skills have taken him all over the world, including Europe and the USA. He was involved in creating 3D apples for the ‘Big Apple Campaign’ that now adorn the streets of New York City and another project in South Street, Seaport. “Moving to Europe was great, as the culture was a pleasure to immerse yourself into. I spent many hours in the English Garden, Munich rendering pastels of the human form. It was bliss. “I thought making money as a portrait artist was me for the rest of my life.”

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