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Diana Peel



With a Master’s Degree in design and having had full training in visual arts, Diana Peel has found herself in her exuberant floral paintings. Hailing originally from Russia, her natural passion radiates through her work.

When Diana first immigrated to New Zealand, she struggled to find work with her qualifications; she eventually started as an interior designer, but discontinued as “I was not good at designing pharmacies”. In great frustration she bought herself a large canvas and passionately painted an amazing iris, which she completed in four hours. “It was a turning point in my life - the energy flowing through my blood and that feeling of happiness and satisfaction just blew me away! After finishing that painting, I stepped back and said to myself: I am not an interior designer anymore, I am an artist!” Inner happiness and balance are the biggest inspirations for Diana. She doesn’t work with reference pictures anymore. “With time and lots of practice, I have learned to express myself in an abstract floral language. I can pour my feelings onto the canvas. Usually I just need to be happy, full of energy and craving some particular colours, and the magic happens.

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