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Nick Hayter
Nick Hayter

“Motivation comes from the enjoyment of painting.” Straight off the bat (or brush, in this case) artist Nick Hayter spells out the very essence of his putting brush to canvas.

“I enjoy watching cooking shows on TV, and sometimes the chefs make the comment that the love of cooking will come through in the food that is prepared. This is true for my art also; if I’m not enthusiastic about the subject, the result is a substandard rendition,“ he says. This is where we picture the studio, the brushes, smell of paint, the fresh canvas positioned ready for the inspiration to come forth. But what about...outside? “Going outdoors to paint is a great way to find new inspiration.”Outdoor painting brings its own unique challenges though... “This is fairly new to me but it’s a great way to gain a totally different approach and solve the painting block that sometimes comes from painting in the studio. Painting outdoors forces me to make quick decisions and develop a broader approach than I would if I was painting from a photo. There is so much happening with equipment and paints, but at the same time there is an appreciation for the landscape around me when I am standing in the same place for a couple of hours, focused on the countryside and watching the light quickly change – not to mention bees and sandflies that use my painting as a landing pad!” Nick’s countryside scenes for example, work well. There is a beautiful mix of colour drawn from his palette, it appears the sandflies didn’t have it all their own way! As with many who have ever picked up a brush, pencil or tried to create in any way, sometimes things just don’t flow. So, in Nick’s case, what then? “I try not to dwell on those paintings that didn’t work; it happens (sometimes more often than I like!). There may be a positive I can get out of a failed painting that I can carry through to my current painting. Painting sometimes requires problem-solving skills. I hope to improve my understanding of the reasons why my paintings work or don’t work.”

See more about Nick's work here: Nick Hayter.

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