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Truck Wheel With Reflection
Rochelle Thomas


Taking the time to use her observational skills, Rochelle Thomas has always been fascinated with paintings. At Cafe’s, offices, anywhere art hangs, Rochelle studies the work to fathom how it has been done. One day she decided to try this out for herself, and purchased paint, brushes, paper and books of scenic New Zealand. After completing her first painting she was hooked.

Rochelle completed a correspondence course with The Learning Connection, earning a Level 5 Diploma in Art & Creativity in 2014. Working full time, and a single Mum of three, Rochelle juggled her work and art for a couple of years until an unfortunate accident, which resulted in a broken leg, left her at home for six months, where she concentrated daily on her painting. She decided not to return to work, but rather became self-employed, concentrating on commissions to paint vehicles.

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