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Lynn Isherwood - Aotearoa Artist
Lynn Isherwood

Lynn Isherwood - Aotearoa Artist


Lynn Isherwood uses the old as time ceramic technique of hand building to create flowers, animals, birds and creatures for people to enjoy. Her calling is to create, to make, and to then close the loop by recording, and reflecting on, the outcome. This is her passion.

“I have been keen on art all my life. I love making; it is my passion. I believe that there is a spiritual creative force which encourages, inspires and uplifts me. I am happy when people buy my works and take them home to enjoy them in their daily lives. I am happy in my studio when I am in a creative flow… or just thinking and playing with my art. My aim is to develop more skills and confidence in painting and pottery – to be able to express myself more fully. 

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