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Kirsten McIntosh

kirsten-mcintosh-aotearoa-artistKirsten lives and breathes her art, and the results speak volumes: “I always advise people to just keep going with your art if you love it. Live it and breathe it. See the beauty and keep going through the ugly stage; persevere.”

I didn’t have any formal art training until I got going. Being a full time Mum, I was home and thought that I should paint some paintings for my baby’s bedroom walls and I really liked the result. I eventually plucked up the courage to do some art classes, just classes with good artists in the area. I also started watching YouTube videos and then I went to every available art class that I could. I realised that my work was consistently turning out okay. I thought my art could be a way to make some money, whilst still being a stay-at-home Mum - and I went from there. I live and breathe it. Honestly, to get to sleep I visualise the next steps that I will take with my current painting!

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