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Livia Dias



Livia Dias is an artist who enjoys painting nature, gardens and people. Livia grew up in an environment surrounded by art. At the age of 13, she began learning drawing and painting from her uncle, Gilberto Dias, who is a professional artist and art tutor in her home country Brazil. Her passion for art has never stopped since then. She’s been working as a full-time artist and art tutor since 2000. 

She had a classical training based on the Old Masters teachings and glazing techniques which she is very grateful for, because she says that it taught her the importance of developing the skill set to create the illusion of form and depth on a flat surface that is crucial for her art. Her uncle was her first inspiration. She was amazed at what he could create with a brush! He introduced her to many other artists in a variety of styles which contributed to shaping her artistic journey. 

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