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UK ARTIST Gerry Defries

Gerry Defries, who considers himself a colourist in the impressionist style, has exhibited widely in England, America and France. He paints seascapes and landscapes in acrylics and has sold close to 200 works. During a stroll along the Thames he…

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Uriel Tian

Growing up in Barcelona, Spain and watching fantasy films filled with amazing creatures, Uriel Tian found the 1990s and 2000s a golden age for fantasy films. He was absolutely delighted to find the world he could create just using his…

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Karin McCombe Jones

With a plethora of training in all sorts of artistic areas including art and design, dance, physical education, and achieving a Bachelor’s Degree of Education with Honours, Karin McCombe Jones started her career teaching dance, drama and art in Engl­and.…

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Karen Gourley

“I love when an idea in my head comes to life on paper and translating that idea into a visual representation. The tactile nature of pastels is very therapeutic. I love sharing my love of nature with people and am…

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Diana Peel

With a Master’s Degree in design and having had full training in visual arts, Diana Peel has found herself in her exuberant floral paintings. Hailing originally from Russia, her natural passion radiates through her work. When Diana first immigrated to…

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Carina Sim-Smith

Born in Singapore, Carina Sim-Smith is a marine biologist by profession and a very talented artist in her free time. She taught herself how to paint by attending art classes and workshops by various tutors at her local arts centre,…

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Adair Davis

Born into a creative family with parents who belonged to a vibrant arts community, Adair Davis tells us that when she was born, Rita Angus, who lived with her family at the time, looked at her palm when she was…

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