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Sue Currie - Aotearoa Artist

Sue Currie

Sue Currie was delighted to find that a comprehensive Australian correspondence course in graphic design for three years while at high school in Christchurch was a successful background for working in art. “In those days there were few opportunities for…

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Sandy Wright - Aotearoa Artist

Sandy Wright

From a small child, Sandy Wright always loved to study nature. From the time she left an open box full of snails in the kitchen overnight and realized in the morning that they can cover quite a lot of ground,…

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Ros Beck - Aotearoa Artist

Ros Beck

Having dabbled in art since childhood, Ros Beck has always felt especially passionate about horses. “I remember drawing a huge galloping horse on the chalk board at primary school which stayed up there for weeks!” In the late 2010s she…

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Paul Coney - Aotearoa Artist

Paul Coney

Never being able to settle on an interesting career, despite having concentrated on music, sport and sketching during school, and recovering from anxiety/depression due to his mum’s early passing, Paul Coney became fascinated with nature’s beauty and complexity. As a…

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Parmeet Sahni - Aotearoa Artist

Parmeet Sahni

Parmeet Sahni started with photography when she bought a DSLR camera to take some photos of her daughters. After posting these online, she received a request from a friend to do a shoot of their children. She started watching tutorials…

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Helen Leigh - Aotearoa Artist

Helen Leigh

Helen Leigh believes that ‘self-doubt’ is a huge hindrance to many artists; always feeling on the back foot for perhaps not having a formal art education and maybe a lack of contacts. This has proved to be the obstacle in…

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