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Mila Renault - Aotearoa Artist

Mila Renault

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mila Renault grew up sketching and painting landscapes. Her maternal great grandparents (amateur painters) arrived in Brazil, from France and Sweden, in the late 1800s. Mila’s favourite place in her childhood was at her grand-aunties…

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Rosanne Croucher - Aotearoa Artist

Rosanne Croucher

From a young age, Rosanne Croucher loved to make things. She won a few colouring in competitions as a child, which was very encouraging. “During high school I took art subjects, but I wasn’t sure how that would translate into…

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Pam Mundell - Aotearoa Artist

Pam Mundell

An evening with friends, a little wine and some chat. Sounds like a typical night, anywhere across New Zealand. What started as one such evening for artist Pam Mundell, triggered a journey into the world of art, starting her down…

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Lorna Allan - Aotearoa Artist

Lorna Allan

Otautau Gallery in Southland and The Artists Room Fine Art Gallery in Dunedin are a far cry from Alaska, such is the range of locations and distance the artwork of Lorna Allan has travelled. “I have paintings in Alaska, other…

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Nancy Frazer

Nancy Frazer is a full-time self-taught artist who specialises in contemporary art, using acrylics on canvas with a strong emphasis on textures and vibrant colours. She has never had any formal training. Nancy tells us about herself.“Growing up in Singapore,…

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Gwyn Hughes - Aotearoa Artist

Gwyn Hughes

Gwyn Hughes’ father and grandfather used to paint and it was a natural progression for him to become an artist. Gaining a National Higher Diploma at Wrexham College of Art, Wales between 1980-1982, he was excited to explore his creativity…

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