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Romuald Rudzki - Aotearoa Artist

Romuald Rudzki

We often read about acrylics, brushes, and easels, conjuring up images of paint splattered fingers, charcoal pencils strewn about a studio or a well-worn easel. We also read about products admired, like a certain acrylic that works great for adding…

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Raewyn Harris - Aotearoa Artist

Raewyn Harris

We are spoilt across our wonderful country with such natural wonders and beauty right on our doorsteps – or a short drive away. Napier-based artist Raewyn Harris utilises this, camera in hand, to be reproduced later as beautiful watercolour paintings.…

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Mary Sneyd- Aotearoa Artist

Mary Sneyd

Artists of all types are often asked about their favourite instruments to make their creations. Music artists will have an instrument of choice that gets that certain sound, a painter may have a brush or easel they love and others,…

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Keith Snow - Aotearoa Artist

Keith Snow

Keith Snow’s journey as an artist is a literal voyage of creativity, navigating the ups and downs of artistic exploration of largely maritime painting. This is an apt parallel of his definition of his career to date. “It’s gone from…

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Graham Christensen

Graham was in his early 60s when he and his wife Sue were discussing what their up-coming retirement might look like. They had already been living for the last seven years on the Gold Coast in Australia managing a holiday…

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Art Capener -Aotearoa Artist

Art Capener

“I have no idea what drove my interest in art, I do a lot of geneology research and have gone back over 1500 years, but amazingly I never found an ancestral artist. Having said that, I’m sure many of them…

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