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Tut Blumental - Aotearoa Artist

Tut Blumental

Born in Israel, Tut Blumental has been passionate about art from a very early age, exploring and working with different methods and mediums. After graduating from Avni Institute of Art and Design, Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1994 she started work…

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Lynda Bell - Aotearoa Artist

Lynda Bell

“Being an artist was all I ever wanted to do. I felt discouraged in high school and did not feel ‘good enough’ and also thought that perhaps art was a lonely career. I wanted to help others, so I went…

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Jamie Harkins - Aotearoa Artist

Jamie Harkins

Have you ever seen those pictures scraped into beach sand, appearing to be three-dimensional when photographed? Have you ever wondered who does that and how? Well, wonder no more. Introducing Jamie Harkins Bma. Always wanting to be an artist, right…

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Chris Dews - Aotearoa Artist

Chris Dews

Chris Dews was born in the Isle of Wight, UK, and is the son of one of Britain’s most celebrated marine artists, Steven Dews. He now lives in Auckland and is an artist in his own right. Chris tells us…

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André Brönnimann - Aotearoa Artist

André Brönnimann

As a child, André Brönnimann was very interested in art and drawing. Self-taught, he took a break from his painting between the ages of 20 and 30, returning to his art when he decided to enter the Telecom Phone Book…

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Amber Emm - Aotearoa Artist

Amber Emm

You could call Amber Emm the accidental artist. She wasn’t very good at reading, or writing, or spelling. Her happy place was always drawing. She never thought it would be something she would end up doing as a career. But…

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