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Susannah Law - Aotearoa Artist - The New Zealand Artists Magazine

Susannah Law

Since childhood, Susannah Law has been receiving awards for her artwork and it was always her dream to be an artist. With much encouragement from family and friends, she finally completed a Diploma in Fine Arts from Hungry Creek Art…

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Lynley Van Alphen - Aotearoa Artist - The New Zealand Artists Magazine

Lynley van Alphen

Although largely self-trained, Lynley van Alphen has done various workshops with the likes of John Crump, Ben Ho, Wayne Edgerton as well as a week-long plein air workshop with John Wilson in Alice Springs, Australia. Always a teenage dream, and…

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Jenny Konz - Aotearoa Artist - The New Zealand Artists Magazine

Jenny Konz

The first time Jenny Konz picked up a pencil to draw with, was in 2009. She maintains there was never a’plan’ to become an artist. She resorted to drawing to ease the ache in her heart from her daughter and…

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Fiona Newton - Aotearoa Artist - The New Zealand Artists Magazine

Fiona Newton

Here in Aotearoa we are blessed to have an abundance of stunning natural beauty around us to inspire creative works and fire the coals of our imagination. This connection to our whenua is more than simply sightseeing or exploring to…

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Claire Wallwork - Aotearoa Artists The New Zealand Artists Magazine

Claire Wallwork

As a young woman and throughout her life, whenever Claire Wallwork thought of her dream career, she sawherself as an artist creating beautiful works and loving it,and yet she never really imagined that it was something that could actually eventuate.…

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Alex Hoare - Aotearoa Artist Magazine

Alex Hoare

As with all artists across the board, the issue of confidence in ability is always a tenuous thing, especially when young and starting out. Alex Hoare is just such a young talented artist, who is finding out exactly how much…

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