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Susannah Law

Susannah Law

Susannah Law - Aotearoa Artist - The New Zealand Artists Magazine

Since childhood, Susannah Law has been receiving awards for her artwork and it was always her dream to be an artist. With much encouragement from family and friends, she finally completed a Diploma in Fine Arts from Hungry Creek Art School in Puhoi.

My mother always supported me and organised private lessons for me during my teen years with my forever favourite art tutor (late) Kathleen Bartlett. Kathleen was so passionate about art and the history of art which she studied in London, she was always inspiring to me. I can remember her even now, vividly telling a story of her travels such as to murals in Greece and Turkey and other exhibits she visited, how Van Gogh’s originals move you in a way that prints never could and that paintings in their original form always have a better impact.’
Having admired many artists in history, particularly Monet and the Impressionists, the biggest influence on her own works have been the neo-romantics like John Miller Waterhouse who painted ancient stories, Jackson Pollock and his paint pouring methods, Charles Blomfield who painted New Zealand historical scenes and the ancient art of Chinese marbling and its mesmerising quality.
‘I find inspiration in anything that lives really, I’d say I was a figurative artist mainly. New Zealand inspires me and recently I’ve been inclined to paint forest scenes and study conservation themes. In the past, mythology was my biggest passion, however I’m drawn to creating stories of my own now.’
Loving everything about being an artist, Susannah explains ‘creating something from my own imagination, forming images in paint, the smells and the colours, art for me engages all the senses and takes me into a zone that is almost meditative.’

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