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Coral Noel Yang

Coral Noel Yang

Coral Noel Yang - Aotearoa Artist - The New Zealand Artists Magazine

Professionally trained in film production, giving her a solid foundation in visual language, storytelling, colour theory, cinematography, and lighting amongst other skills, Coral Noel Yang’s predominant painting training comes from her mother who is a premier painter in Taiwan and also from various classes she took throughout the years including a Master of Fine Arts (Cinema-Television Production) at the University of Southern California, USA and Art History at the Whitman College, USA, amongst others. 

“I was very fortunate to grow up in an artsy family – my Chinese dad was a professor and my Japanese mom is a painter so I grew up immersed in a strong love for arts and literature, which continues to develop. With a passion for storytelling and visual arts I chose my professional pathway as a filmmaker. After earning an MFA in Cinema-TV production from the University of Southern California I embarked on a rich creative journey involving living and traveling in different countries, directing and producing films, TV commercials and children’s television. 

But creating personal art on canvas and paper has always made me feel alive and connected to my heart in a unique way. Painting is my happy place and has brought me joy, pleasure and serenity more than any other creative practices. During COVID lockdown I turned to painting and surprisingly sold all my works through an on-line platform so I pivoted to full time painting. Currently I’m having art shows throughout the year, selling my works both locally and internationally and doing commissions.”

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