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Claire Wallwork

Claire Wallwork

As a young woman and throughout her life, whenever Claire Wallwork thought of her dream career, she saw
herself as an artist creating beautiful works and loving it,and yet she never really imagined that it was something that could actually eventuate. Three years ago, she had a catharsis where she asked herself,’what is holding
me back?’ When she realised that the only thing stopping her were her own self-imposed limitations, she began to pursue her dream in earnest. ‘From that moment I replaced my student paints for professional ones and dedicated all my time and resources into mastering my craft and stepping up to the challenge’.

I am self-taught and have learnt through a huge amount of experimentation, asking a lot of questions and through watching YouTube Videos to familiarise myself with various mediums and techniques.

To describe the theme that has permeated every aspect and stage of my life, it has been the challenge of self-expression. As a child I was cripplingly shy, and it took many years to find my voice, and even more to be able to express it eloquently. I eventually found writing really supported me in that but then I discovered painting. After a lifetime of soul-searching and healing, I discovered that painting allowed me access to the feelings and thoughts that sat under the surface of my conscious awareness.

As I poured my heart onto the canvas, I found I was able to work through issues that troubled me and it offered me a more expanded bigger picture perspective, similar to the reverence I felt whilst in meditation. The creative process enabled me to reframe the uncomfortable events occurring in the world into a thing of beauty and so my love affair with painting began. My life is all about self-expression and whether I pursue art as a career
or not, painting has become my greatest tool for self-understanding. To be able to support myself in the process is something I am so grateful for.

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