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Cara Fotofili

Cara Fotofili

Cara Fotofili - Aotearoa Artist - The New Zealand Artists Magazine

Cara Fotofili always wanted to be an artist. She recalles that art classes and drawing diagrams in science class were the only things that interested her at school. Hugely influenced by her father, also an artist, Cara became ‘distracted’ by life in general. When she turned 60, she decided it was her time now, she went to art school and studied for five years and has not looked back. 

The biggest motivating factor to becoming a professional artist at this time in her life is that the creative process gives her peace, and takes her away from the conditional, habitual expectation to conform. Finally she feels free. 

“I work quite instinctively – a bit like how you might doodle while talking on the phone. I don’t make plans, but can see that many things that interest me are manifest in my finished work.” 

She loves making artwork that causes people to think outside the square, “I continue to create large non-figurative works by allowing the medium to express itself in a way that is inherent in matter. I think that matter is creative in itself and that consciousness is everywhere. 

“Every painting that someone buys makes me pleased that they appreciate it enough to want it. I’m proud to have completed my Master’s Degree with the added bonus that doing it was a pleasure. I’ve been involved in numerous 15 exhibitions and delight in the feedback I receive no matter 

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