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Andrea Choonoo

Andrea Choonoo

Andrea Choonoo - Aotearoa Artist - The New Zealand Artists Magazine

Born in South Africa, multi-talented Andrea Choonoo immigrated to New Zealand in 2000. Here she graduated with a Fine Art and Graphic Design Degree from Whitecliffe College of Art and Design in Auckland. She went on to study honours in Screen and Media Studies at the Waikato University and worked as a graphic designer in Sydney, Australia for seven years. 

After working in Australia, Andrea went on to sail around the world, capturing the beauty of life through photography and making video documentaries. “I love the outdoors, especially nature and this can be seen through my artwork. Fine art has always been a strong passion and this next venture is a huge undertaking, but also an exciting adventure.” 

In April 2020, when COVID-19 began to cause mayhem around the world, Andrea decided to change from being a sailor producing video documentaries, to being a fine artist developing a complete Art brand, “I love the freedom of self-expression, serving people by communicating a message that speaks and heals the heart.” 

She is currently promoting a bespoke well-being, therapeutic art course called ‘Chromahue’ which she designed. The course taps into creativity to heal the mind, body and soul. “In five years’ time,” she says, “I would like to be more established as an artist and be involved in more philanthropic work through my artwork while building and growing an artistic community that’s both diverse yet unified, making a positive impact.” 

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