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Daniel Carter

Oriental Dragon-daniel-carter-aotearoa-artist

Oriental Dragon, 1200 x 800mm, Blowtorched on wood.


The closest Daniel Carter came to formal art training would have been extension art classes and graphic design throughout intermediate and college years. “These classes were taken above my selected art classes, as the art teachers noticed I had an interest and above level ability for my age group. I left college at an early age to become a car painter, which ultimately led me towards the automotive artistry of airbrushing.”

The artist life started for Daniel at a very early age, “As a young child my parents encouraged my artistic abilities. By year two of primary school, my father Roger would sit with me for hours, teaching me how to draw realistic people, muscle cars, fighter planes, architectural buildings with two-point perspective etc. We didn’t have much but wherever I went I would have a small pad and pencil, taking inspiration from my surroundings, nature, birds, people, cars, buildings, that sort of thing.

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Lucia Laubscher-Fantail

Lucia Laubscher

Lucia Laubscher - Aotearoa Artist - The New Zealand Artist Magazine

Lucia Laubscher was born in South Africa and carved an impressive career there around her painting. She immigrated to New Zealand in 2017, and battled with the adjustment of living in a new country with a different culture and set of rules. She started building her career from scratch again and has done exceptionally well in those four years. She tells us her story

When I was five years old, my first grade teacher looked at a cartoon elephant I drew and exclaimed “You are an artist!” This stuck with me throughout my life and my love for creating grew stronger with every passing year. When I was 12 years old my parents ordered me my first oil painting kit in the mail and it arrived with four small canvasses and instructions on how to paint four different artworks – trees, buildings, still-life etc. I enjoyed drawing and experimenting with paint and have always been creative and would find myself doodling all the time.

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Completing The Mural-aotearoa-artist

Miramar Mural

Wellington Art Club painted a community mural for the Peninsular Art Trail weekend 2016. Phil Dickson designed our mural for the north wall of the Miramar Community Centre.

By Lucille Cash • Wellington Art Club Committee

It was painted in panels of wooden tiles by members of the Art Club and the local community on the weekend of Artists in Action. On the 12-13 March, there was a buzz of excitement as the mural appeared on the floor of the Clubrooms as artists completed painting their tiles.

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Levin Adventure Park Mural

A huge colourful mural has transformed the wall at Levin Adventure Park’s northern border.

At a ceremony to celebrate the mural’s completion last Thursday, Horowhenua Deputy Mayor Garry Good described it as a 300 square-metre landmark piece of beautiful artwork. “From Council’s perspective, it’s the most amazing mural in New Zealand. You won’t see anything like it in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, anywhere. We’ve set a standard with this here in Horowhenua,” Mr Good said.

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Theo TAS Arraj

Theo TAS Arraj - aotearoa artist


With an eye set firmly on inclusion in the global art community, Theo “TAS” Arraj has a natural connection with art as a way to communicate how he sees the world. Having recently committed wholeheartedly to a career as an artist he finds inspiration from the world around him.

Frequently drawing from his environment, aspects of nature, music and the people which surround him inspire his passion for his artistic endeavours. TAS likes to observe other artists and their processes but is proud to say his skill comes from the practice of his craft. Likening his humble beginnings within the street art culture and graffiti to those of Mankind’s ancestors, who also wrote on walls, both tell a story in different times but draw from the same impulse to share their vision.

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Russell Waterfront-darina-cincurova-aotearoa-artist

Darina Cincurova

Darina Cincurova - Aotearoa Artist


A passionate environmental artist, Darina Cincurova, hopes her art will inspire a respect and appreciation of New Zealand's diverse wildlife heritage.

Born in the Czech Republic, Darina says art has been her ‘thing’ from early childhood when she started drawing the world around her and dreamed of becoming a full time artist. Little wonder then that as a student Darina abandoned fashion design opting instead to undertake a four-year art course at a private art school in Prague as this allowed her more freedom to express herself. It is this artistic freedom that has driven and inspired Darina all her life and what she loves most about being an artist. “I cannot imagine life without it,” she says simply.

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Matt Diamond - Aotearoa Artist

Matt Diamond


Matt in action


Throughout his life, Matt Diamond has had an interest in drawing, endeavouring to put to paper that which he saw, developing his talent through the years. He travelled Europe and the Middle East for four years, returning to New Zealand to train at Aucklands Freelance Animation Studio.

After working in 2 and 3 dimensional animation and spending time doing animation for Maori TV, he realised his creativity didn’t really flourish in an office environment and decided to start travelling again. Whilst in central America he spent time sketching people in cafés, without them knowing, and then presenting them with the drawing when they had finished their meal. Sometimes he just made a new friend, other times the unwitting model would buy him a meal or tip him. However, although this was entertaining, it did not satisfy his overwhelming urge to create huge artworks.

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