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Tatyana Kulida - Aotearoa Artist
Tatyana Kulida

Tatyana Kulida - aotearoa artist

Russia – a stellar country of vast contrasts; its topography is as diverse as the artistes that have inhabited it. From Mikhail Vruble to Alexej Von Jawlensky, Russia has produced some of the finest artists the modern world has seen; firmly establishing themselves as pioneers of artistic freedom. Tatyana Kulida is one such artist, whose move to New Zealand in 2015 ushered in a renewed interest in traditional techniques into the dominant Contemporary Art scene of Wellington. With the success of her recently established gallery Anthesis Atelier, Tatyana is truly blossoming in her new home.
For the first 16 years of her life, Tatyana Kulida spent her youth discovering and refining her interests inand subsequent talent for ‘Classical Arts’ – wiling away her days in bliss practising piano and taking yearly trips to Moscow’s finest museums. This time was spent in admiration and awe of the art around her – the beauty and vibrancy of the colours, the emotion in the paintings that were captured perfectly and profoundly. These moments ignited within her an enduring love of artistic expression which would develop into a fierce determination to learn all she could later in life. A woman born with great perception and the soul of an adventurer, Tatyana departed the Motherland at the age of 17 to explore the ever-changing world around her. The first stop on her journey was the USA, where she became an IT consultant with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Information Systems and Arts Management. Due to her schooling, Tatyana worked with businesses and non-profit art organisations, leading her to the realization that true satisfaction could only come from creating beautiful artwork.

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