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Talulah Lautrec-Nunes - Aotearoa Artist
Talulah Lautrec-Nunes

Talulah Lautrec-Nunes - aotearoa artist

As one half of New Zealand’s most talented and prolific power couple – alongside renowned poet, writer, and author Keith Nunes – Talulah has always been a creative force to be reckoned with; an extraordinary acrylic abstract artist whose insight, imagination and undisputed creative genius have led her to weave together brilliant splashes of colour with re-imagined elements of our natural landscape, creating timeless stories through powerful visuals that dazzle and bewitch the senses. In this issue, Talulah Lautrec-Nunes allows us a sneak peak inside her mind to discover the origins of her artistic inspirations, and the journey that has followed.

Comfortably nestled amongst the surrounding bush of Lake Rotoma – famous for the mysterious submersion of the Sunken Island, Motutara; cursed by an angry Tohunga, Te Rarau-mai-Waho, who immersed the island in the waters of the lake – Talulah revels and flourishes in her small patch of land near the lake, working furiously to wring out the many stories hidden in her environment that have been waiting anxiously to be told.
Armed with her palette knife and favourite brushes, Talulah mixes and preps an array of vibrant colours that pulse with life and potential as she eyes her recently gessoed canvas; already seeing the strokes she will make in her mind’s eye.
Talulah Lautrec-Nunes

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