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Samantha Knightbridge - Aotearoa Artist
Samantha Knightbridge

Samantha Knightbridge - Aotearoa Artist

The freedom to express, the rush of amazement she gets when her hands manage to physically recreate a vision she had in her mind is the indescribable thing Samantha Knightbridge loves most about being an artist.

I have always held an interest in Art, however, it wasn’t until my daughter was born in late 2012 that I started to truly engage in creating art. While being a stay at home mum, I picked up a pencil and just started drawing, it was the only time I would use for myself – which every new mum would know is rare, but so important. In every aspect, everything changed when I became a mother as did my perspective and creative mind. When my baby was about one and a half, I started to show my work and had a surprising response. I loved drawing, and the feedback I received seemed like I wasn’t that bad at it either. After that growth of confidence, I decided to apply for University and I am currently in my final year studying a Bachelor of Design and Visual Art at Unitec Institute of Technology.

Most feel inspired when they look at something, see something inspiring to them. This happens to me too but rather than being inspired by what I see, I’m inspired mostly by how I feel. Most of my artistic concepts were results from what I was feeling or passionate about at the time I create them. Being self-expressive is what drives my creative soul. Whether it be feelings of curiosity, concern, heartbreak, my mixed cultural identity, my purpose and struggles as a woman and a mother – they all somehow end up relating to one another. Art is my therapy and my sanity, so it’s safe to say that my artistic inspiration is indeed – me.

I adore many artists throughout history, Da Vinci, Gustav Klimt, and most definitely Salvador Dalí. My favourite style/movement is Surrealism, such as Dalí and René Magritte. I admire their use of contrast, juxtaposition and simply taking subjects out of context - it provokes the mind. In my opinion, any artwork that makes the viewer look twice and question it - is a masterpiece. Some of these artists, like Dalí also use a lot of subtle symbology, which I’m obsessed with.

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