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Ruby Whitty - Aotearoa Artist
Ruby Whitty

Ruby Whitty - aotearoa artist

Hailing from Luton, Bedfordshire in the UK, Ruby Whitty has found her niche in life right here in New Zealand, surrounded by the stellar beauty of the South Island, whiling away her days creating abstract and still-life masterpieces as she strives to accomplish her dream of becoming a world renowned artist – a dream both she and her late husband have strived towards for many years.
Luton, Bedfordshire is where the phrase ‘Mad as a Hatter’ originated, due to the unsettling behaviour caused by the use of mercury salts to make felt in Bedfordshire’s once booming hat industry. Ruby could never be described as ‘Mad as a Hatter’, although she does harbour a strong artistic streak – which was sometimes equated with madness back in the early 1900’s when the phrase was coined.
As an avid science fiction fan, and unofficial tool maker’s apprentice, Ruby has always had an eye for detail as well as a profound love of painting dating back to childhood. “Growing up, I was always a bit of a loner and therefore had to find engaging activities just to fill in the time between school and sleep. Thankfully, my mother gave me a ‘Paint by Numbers’ set every Christmas, so painting became a staple in life. My elder brother was also very good at sketching while training in his profession to become a tool maker, and when he’d sit at the dining room table to practise his tech drawings, I’d often be found seated beside him, copying everything he did.”
Ruby Whitty

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