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Roger Morris - Aotearoa Artist
Roger Morris

Roger Morris - Aotearoa Artist

I consider myself an illustrator. For me visual artists are in two main categories: artists with a capital ‘A’, being those who are brave, clever, and who attempt to change the way we look at things: artists such as the impressionists and avant-garde abstract artists. Some turn out some extraordinary work which is beyond me. The other category are the small ‘a’s who are really illustrators, like me. I just don’t have the courage to produce abstract or experimental art and I would feel dishonest if I did. It is enough of a challenge just to capture the moods of the sea and ships on canvas. Excepting genuine primitive artists, I believe that any competent artist must have mastered representation before attempting abstract work and I do not consider myself there yet. Marine painting has its own demands. A bit like specializing in representing horses, one gets hauled over the coals if you get something wrong. Painting all ships, and particularly sailing ships demands a thorough technical knowledge which, I think I have. My technical expertise is inclusive of historical vessels as I specialise in maritime history and have published four books on the subject. A glance at the galleries on my website will show that the majority of my work is historical.
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