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Parmeet Sahni - Aotearoa Artist
Parmeet Sahni

Parmeet Sahni - Aotearoa Artist

Parmeet Sahni started with photography when she bought a DSLR camera to take some photos of her daughters. After posting these online, she received a request from a friend to do a shoot of their children. She started watching tutorials and joining groups to enhance her skills and built up a passion for capturing people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. “I reckon I have always loved photography and preserving special moments. Photography has become my soul’s calling.”

Having attended many photography workshops and done some short courses in and out of Auckland, Parmeet participated in newborn photography training in New Plymouth in 2016, as well as a landscape photography course at Mt Cook for six weeks, revolving around photography and processing details. “Something that motivated me to take on photography professionally was the concept of freezing time. My company name, Soulful Memories, speaks for itself. Photography for me has never been about fame or money, but rather capturing moments that are truly special, whether they are special for my client or me. Life is all about memories. The more memories I am able to give people, the more motivated I become to create more. I know I’ve come to a point where photography and me have become inseparable. It gives me immense satisfaction.” Parmeet strongly believes in the saying ‘Time flies, but memories stay’, and this is what makes her so passionate about her work. Seeing people out and about, living their lives, everyone on their own unique path, is thrilling for her and is what she tries to capture, especially with her street portraits. For her, as long as she maintains an open mind, inspiration is everywhere.
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