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McGregor Allen - Aotearoa Artist
McGregor Allen

McGregor Allen - aotearoa artist

Four years ago, McGregor Allen discovered one of his greatest passions and enjoyments in life: the malleable substance of clay. Through the use of various tools such as the revolutionary ‘Pimple Popper’, and small rakes, McGregor has moulded, shaped, and sculpted dull clumps of clay, then cast his creations in bronze to produce whimsical beasts that would not look out of place in a sci-fi movie. He also specialises in realistic figures and playful animals from all around the world.

Working for New Zealand Post during the day, and as a full time sculptor at night, McGregor has honed his talents to produce life-like, interactive sculptures that garnered widespread praise during an exhibition at Sculpture on the Peninsula. The Allen family was shattered when McGregor’s elder brother and idol was diagnosed with terminal cancer; it was an event that would change them forever. Despite the harrowing and at times overwhelming sense of sadness and frustration that comes with such crises, McGregor’s brother stayed strong throughout it all – encouraging his family to soldier on in the face of hardship, and to have as much tenacity and durability as a bronzed warrior; steadfast and resilient. Encouraged by his brother’s strength, and emboldened by his own anguish, McGregor carried within him the need to help his brother and, as an artist living in an age where communication with those near and far is just a click away, he knew he could make a difference. Enclosed in his studio, surrounded by his tools and equipment, he was determined to immortalize his idol and capture his brother’s memory through clay and bronze. “In my brother’s honour I have begun sculpting a Chatham Island Robin, which I plan to auction off with all proceeds going towards cancer research. With these Black Robins – my brothers’ choice of bird – buyers will receive a wonderful token from me to show our thanks for donating to an incredible cause.”

See more about McGregor here: McGregor Allen.

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