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Marina De Wit
Marina de Wit

By dictionary definition, fulfillment is described as ‘the act or state of fulfilling: to witness the fulfillment of a dream; to achieve one’s hopes.’ For Marina de Wit, this is found through the lens of a camera. This however wasn’t always the case.

“I knew I had something to share, that I was meant to do something with my life that had meaning and that could potentially impact others in a positive way. I was at a pretty low point in my life. Photography and the creative aspect thereof changed my life and continues to do that everyday. “I discovered that I loved being outside taking snapshots with my phone; this led to me purchasing my first DSLR camera in 2015.” Knowing your way around the complexities of a camera is one thing, but to get what you see through the lens to come to life in post-production is another thing altogether. To see an image is just the beginning, to see what it could become, that you can turn it into something special by the end of the process, is a gift not many have. Marina however, has a knack of doing this. “I am not a technical photographer at all but mostly shoot from my heart and current mood.” This is something she encourages for any up and coming photographers. “Take it slow and breathe, it’s ok to be vulnerable, to be scared. Do it anyway. I firmly believe that life starts at the other side of fear.” As far as content for her photography goes, Marina is focusing on floral work, with the clear heart-felt shooting paying dividends. Natural light and colour are the things she aims for most.

See Marina's work here: Marina de Wit

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