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Lyn-Marie Harris - Aotearoa Artist
Lyn-Marie Harris

Lyn-Marie Harris - Aotearoa Artist

A trained Make-up Artist and Hairdresser, Lyn-Marie Harris has always had art and images resonate with her and has been a part of her training and career. She tells us about herself.
I feel that I was born an artist; it’s in my heart and my soul. Creating is an escape for me and also something I’m driven to do and don’t really have any control over. When pregnant I had to give up work due to illness, I put that time to use and started designing, making and creating. It allowed me to focus on something other than feeling ill and this is when ‘Dizzie Pixie Designs’ began.
I get motivated by the fact that I have so many designs that need to be created and come to life, I don’t want to go back to a ‘9 – 5’ job working for somebody else. Motivation for me is proving to the nay-sayers that, yes!, I can design full time and make a profit. I run and teach Adult “Mindful Making workshops” and parties for children, seeing people learn to weave their own beautiful design to take home really motivates me.
The inspiration for my dream catchers is colour, colour and more colour. Sometimes I’ll dream about a design. My poetry is a little different: conversations, music, smells, quotes, events, day-to-day activities. My inspiration for my workshops is fun, laughter and watching people create even when some say they are not artistic.
I’m inspired the most by local artists who I have had the privilege to meet. Using social media has allowed me to meet and gather a beautiful extended group of fellow, like-minded artists who inspire and support one another. I really appreciate all the artists that have made a name for themselves, especially those that have influenced the way in which art is viewed or accepted, however I’m definitely someone who is more excited about what is happening right now and what is coming in the future.
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