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Kim Crosland - Aotearoa Artist
Kim Crosland

kim crosland - aotearoa artist


Trained as a graphic designer, Kim Crosland is a largely self-taught artist who says she picked up a great deal of her artistic knowledge by joining online art groups and watching various You-tube tutorials.

“This approach helped me to ascertain what is going on in the wider art world, what techniques other artists are using and learning how to develop and apply a distinctive style of my own,” Kim reveals. Kim has carried an inherent ability to draw and paint with her from an early age; her father and grandfather were both portrait artists. She took up painting again about seven years ago, after her father had passed away and also because a friend asked her to paint a few musicians portraits, which were hung in a bar. After that she couldn’t stop. She says she feels indebted to both her late father and her friend for encouraging her to get back into art after 15 years of not touching a brush. 

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