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Kerry Lanauze - Aotearoa Artist
Kerry Lanauze

Kerry Lanauze - aotearoa artist

Nestled among historic lands of Ngai Tahu, in the colourful Central Otago district lives acrylic artist Kerry Lanauze. Residing in the small artsy town of Cromwell, Kerry has just taken up the mantle of fulltime artist, alongside those of caring mother and doting wife. A former student of Otago Polytechnic, Kerry has become an apprentice of abstract and realist art, devoting her time to creating vibrant works that capture the pristine beauty of the wild countryside around her, and those who inhabit it.
Perseverance is key, Kerry states, and it is definitely a prerequisite to success. From creating a life-sized papermâché cow, painted in bright colours for Misha Vineyards’ opening of The Tasting Room, to participating in the Edinburgh Art Awards in 2016 with her work selling within hours, Kerry’s perseverance has certainly paid off. “Don’t believe everything people tell you – rules were made to be broken when art is involved. Follow your passion and don’t ever doubt your ability to end up with something amazing at the end.” The Lanauze family are active participants in their community, and Kerry can usually be found lending her talents and skills to help create an even brighter environment for her young family and neighbours. “I am involved in my local Plunket Group as a committee member, and I’m currently in discussions with the local youth worker about getting involved in teaching art classes for the students. I’m also in the early stages of having the opportunity to paint a mural at the local Plunket centre, however there are a few more steps to go through before the process can begin. “Another project I have on the go is a portrait of a brother and sister standing on the beach. Capturing the features of the subjects faces’ has been a wonderful challenge so far, but I’m learning and suceeding and excelling, so once again, I’ll persevere.
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