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Helen Leigh - Aotearoa Artist
Helen Leigh

Helen Leigh - Aotearoa Artist

Helen Leigh believes that ‘self-doubt’ is a huge hindrance to many artists; always feeling on the back foot for perhaps not having a formal art education and maybe a lack of contacts. This has proved to be the obstacle in getting further in her art career. “However,” she maintains, “if you are willing to put the work and time in, you can make your mark, and pursuing this avidly, reaching out online and promoting my own work has really helped me in my art career and with sales.”

During the past six years Helen has built up an online art gallery, showcasing and selling her works. Have a look at ‘The Fascinate Gallery’, She has also been part of three charity fundraising shows, for the LGBT community, Cancer Society and the Christchurch City Mission. Her upcoming solo exhibition, which is the second in over a decade, has been completely organised by herself, including setting up an ‘Event’ on Facebook for the first time too. Helen has always sketched and doodled. In her 20s, she decided to pursue the subject further, reading and trying every kind of art style she could find in her library. She practiced but found she hadn’t really gelled with any particular form and her art remained a part-time hobby. About six years ago, Helen was struck down with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and while she was housebound, as a method of escape, she delved into her past knowledge and refined what she loved into two styles: Abstract Expressionist drip painting and Surrealism. “Art was literally a lifeline for me, to be able to express myself and my feelings not only got me through my illness but has also given me an amazing creative identity – something that is all mine, that I wouldn’t trade for anything!”
See more about Helen here: Helen Leigh

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