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Exhibition Te Atamira

Introducing Visual Artist & Kai Tā Redge Walker-Small

In the vibrant world of art, one name is making waves and capturing the essence of New Zealand’s creative spirit: Redgie Walker-Small. As an emerging artist hailing from the scenic town of Kaiapoi, Redge’s unique vision and talent are setting him apart in the art world.

We are thrilled to announce that Redgie Walker-Small will be showcasing his extraordinary works at the upcoming exhibition “Summer in the South | Raumati ki Tonga” at Te Atamira. This is an unmissable opportunity to witness the essence of Aotearoa brought to life through two captivating pieces:

Raumati – Aorangi: A visual journey that transports you to the majestic landscapes of Aoraki Mount Cook, celebrating the raw beauty of New Zealand’s highest peak.

Raumati – Piopiota’i: Dive into the enchanting depths of Piopiotahi, better known as Milford Sound, through Redgie’s artistry. This masterpiece captures the essence of this iconic location like never before.

Exhibition Details: Date: Opening Saturday, 2 December Time: 4:00 PM Venue: TE ATAMIRA, DART HOUSE 12 HAWTHORNE DRIVE, FRANKTON, QUEENSTOWN 9300

Redgie’s work is an ode to New Zealand’s mesmerising landscapes and cultural heritage, and we are confident that his art will captivate your gallery’s audience.

Don’t miss the chance to introduce your patrons to the rising star of the New Zealand art scene. Redge Walker-Small’s work is not only a reflection of the land but a celebration of its essence.


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