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Donna Lee

Donna Lee - aotearoa artist


I’ve always dabbled with art whether it being sewing, painting, jewellery and so on but it stepped up a gear when my mother, Janice Corbishley, purchased the Red Peach Gallery in Ahuriri, Napier. I began creating jewellery from fine bone china and created a brand ‘China Horse’ which I sell in there. After meeting Brent Redding through the gallery I took up painting lessons and started to put in the long hours of practice behind the scenes while still selling the jewellery. Then in 2013 I held my first solo exhibition and since then have focused on painting.

I paint and create because of a great inner desire to do so. When I paint I feel happy, free and connected! It allows me to choose a lifestyle of freedom, expression, travel and happiness which I cherish above all. The motivation comes from many avenues but is mainly an internal drive to achieve the very best I can be and to attain this lifestyle I have created for myself.

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