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Diane Gardiner - Aotearoa Artist
Diane Gardiner

Diane Gardiner - aotearoa artist

Diane Gardiner was born in Auckland and achieved her school certificate in art there, as well as attending Piers Hayman Wildlife Art School and doing various workshop courses. She has always been creative and after her second son was born, she took private drawing lessons for a year.

Wanting to capture nature on canvas, generating a source of income from something she is passionate about, Diane completed a Small Business Course and became eligible for a grant from the Ministry of Social Development. This kick started her business and helped her buy stock. At this stage she was a single mum with two young boys.
In 2015, Diane and her partner, Colin, decided to move to the Far North from Kaipara to experience a more rural lifestyle. Real estate costs in the Far North were more achievable for them and they now own 200 acres. Diane reflects, “I live on a remote bush block in the Far North and am surrounded by bush, birds and stunning beaches.” In this idyllic situation, she prefers to work without music, listening to the birdsong instead. She now has two very young grandchildren, and enjoys spending time with them and their Dad. Content with what she is doing at the moment, Diane would like to have a small studio/gallery, open to the public. She says she will also start teaching small art classes in the future. Suffering from depression, Diane sometimes finds it hard to remain motivated. “I am glad that this condition has been highlighted in the last few years, so that there is more acceptance and knowledge about it. It does however, remain a personal battle.”
There are many artists that Diane admires. Two of these would be Scott Christensen, an Australian ocean painter and Amber Emm who produces beautiful realism in oils and whose classes she has attended. “I am starting to paint the sea, more as a focal point rather than just a landscape element. This is a whole new learning curve for me as I am generally known as a ‘painter of birds’”.
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