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Confessions of a Couch Photographer

johnbotton_camera-aotearoa-artist10 WAYS TO GET YOUR FOJO WORKING

By John Botton

As I staggered to the summit of North Ridge on my daily dog walk (OK, it was a hill that felt really steep) dragging two puffing bullmastiffs behind me, I fixated on the stunning cumulus clouds billowing upward into the heavens above the Auckland skyline to the South, the late afternoon light describing the subtle curves and nuances of every shade of white.

In my minds eye I could visualise the framing and exposure settings of my photograph. I could even imagine the final print hanging on the entrance wall being admired by visitors. Alas, I had no camera with me and the truth be known, I was in a photographic slump. It was the equivalent of writers block or a bad case of stage fright. I had lost my Foto-Mojo or Fojo for short. This got me thinking about ways to get my camera out and re-discover all the things that motivated me when I bought my first digital camera. Here are a few ideas that I hope will re-ignite your photographic fuse.

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