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Cindy Woest

cindy-woest-aotearoa-artistHONEST ABANDON

While visiting Dougie Chowns one Sunday, I met a neighbour of his, Cindy Woest. Cindy is a very talented woman with a pioneering spirit and endless ‘get up and go.’ She has the ability to tramp into a spot she enjoys, with her canvas and paint, and just - in a couple of hours - produce a painting so true to the view, yet with a loose, pleasing technique. Cindy also writes for this magazine as well as others and is indeed, multi-talented. She tells us her story

I love being outside – the sights, sounds and physical connection with everything outdoors makes me somehow feel part of a larger whole. Being in nature, as a specific part of the ‘outside’, leaves me with a sense of generic wellbeing that travels with me when I return to my ‘inside’ and very average life. The uplifting impact of this residual feeling (which can last for days) has drawn me into capturing that ‘happiness essence’ so that I can use it to stir up good memories for myself and hopefully others viewing my work.

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